English Toffee Latte


perfect for a cosy day in...sweet english toffee.

English Toffee Latte

Grab your go-to mug, add your syrup steamed milk and then add your brewed espresso and stir to make your perfect cosy day coffee 💜

English Toffee Latte

Nothing is better than a brew-tiful coffee on those cosy days in. Whether you want to make a quick coffee before a snug film night or as a wake me up for those wintry mornings, this is the perfect coffee for you. Our Toffee Latte has the perfect blend of sweet vanilla notes with an extra caramel taste. This coffee will have you dreaming about a caffeine heaven, making it the best go-to coffee for those duvet days.

We have made this recipe so you can get a head start in using our products and making those show-stopping coffee creations! We can't wait to see those insta worthy coffee pics and get your creations added to our recipe lists! So, make sure to take some pics, tag @florencebymillscoffee and use the #coffeeofthedayyay 💜

  • 3 minutes
  • Easy

recipe ingredients

  • 1 cup of milk or alternative
  • 2 shots of espresso or florence concentrate
  • 2 tsp of English Toffee Syrup

this recipe uses

  • favorite mug
  • milk steamer

steam milk and syrup

Steam your milk (or alternative) and add your English Toffee Syrup (from Millie's Fave Syrups Selection) near to the end of when you're at your preferred temperature.


brew your espresso

Either extract a double espresso from your machine or prepare a double suggested serving of Florence Quick Serve Concentrate.


finish your flavoured latte

Grab your go-to mug, add your syrup steamed milk and then add your brewed espresso and stir to make your perfect cosy day coffee 💜

millie's fave syrups set

millie's fave syrups set

Mills has hand-picked this syrup collection as her favorites, so we trust that they’ll jump to the top of your love list too.

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