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Here you’ll find our bundles, these are the products that we think go perfectly together so it wouldn't be fair to separate them. The coffee combinations here are endless, we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  • busy bee bundle

    Busy Bee Bundle

    busy bee bundle

    Our best-selling bundle offers the perfect introduction to coffee concentrate and offers everything you need to make an iced coffee at home.

    • x2 Florence by Mills Coffee Concentrate
    • Glass tumbler
    • Set of Millie's fave syrups

    So, you’re always on the go? You don’t have time to sit there and wait for your coffee to brew. Which is why we’ve created a busy bee bundle just for you. This collection features two of our coffee concentrates, our bamboo glass tumbler, and Millie’s fav syrups! The perfect combination for you to create a quality coffee in a hurry whilst still making it to that place on time.

  • Luxury Coffee Git Set

    trend setter bundle

    trend setter bundle

    For those who lead the way

    You know the latest trends inside and out; some even say you make them? Which is why you knew to treat yourself to our most anticipated bundle. This bundle features our coffee concentrate, brew bag box, bamboo glass tumbler and Millie’s fave syrups. This way you’ll get to try almost everything in the Florence by Mills Coffee collection, and decide which products are going to trend later, (FYI – we think it’s going to be our concentrate).

  • Coffee & Syrup Gift Set

    Ground Barista Bundle

    ground coffee barista bundle

    the dream bundle for the aspiring barista.

    As at-home coffee curators, we’re always on the lookout for the perfect collection, adaptable to a range of brewing methods. This bundle includes both our florence ground coffee bags, as well as the barista syrup collection and Millie’s fave syrups. With this extensive range, you’ll always be spoilt for choice when curating the perfect coffee for every occasion. 

  • Coffee Barista Set

    wholebean barista bundle

    wholebean coffee barista bundle

    the ultimate bundle for the flawless coffee curator.

    Being a boss coffee curator from beans to serve hits the sweet spot for all of us, so we know you’ll love this collection suited to all the brewing methods you could dream of. This bundle includes bags of both our florence wholebean blends, along with the barista syrup collection and Millie’s fave syrups. With this extensive range, you’ll always be spoilt for choice when creating coffee just the way you like it, fresh every time.


  • Coffee Brew Bag Gift Set

    Self-Care Bundle

    Self-care bundle

    A hand-picked collection for all the self-care queens.

    You know what your body needs, and we all know you gotta listen to it. This bundle features three packs of our super convenient brew bags, alongside our two collections of flawless syrups. This way you can get the perfect coffee prepared in no time at all, so you can get back to being Authentically Brew. We can’t wait to see what you create for your self care Sundays!

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