calling all flo bff’s, let us introduce you to florence by mills coffee…

a coffee community crafted and created for all of our florence fam

We’re talking about you - the daydreamers, the trendsetters, the self-care queens, the busy bees and everything in between. Whether your coffee ritual is a morning pick-me-up, an afternoon coffee date shared with friends, or a boast of being a barista at home, we’ve got the coffee collection of your dreams.

FBMC is an opportunity for a catch-up with friends and a VIP coffee experience with the people you love. We are building a community full of coffee lovers who share, inspire, and motivate each other everyday. Being coffee lovers ourselves, we know how much a coffee date can cheer someone up or make their day. Curating a community where we can showcase all of your coffee creations, and share all your insta worthy pics with people just as sweet as you.

You can tell a lot from a person based on their coffee order, so we want to make sure your signature brew tells your authentic story. Mills makes brew-tiful coffee an absolute must for her everyday routine, whether its’ on set, on-the-go, or for duvet days at home. We have curated a flawless coffee collection for when you need to take a Mindful Moment, or tackle the day just being Authentically Brew.

wake up with mills

how does millie get her glow in the morning?

A note from Mills

“I've been passionate about coffee ever since I can remember. It's always been that pick me up to get me through those long days on set, it's definitely that moment away from all the chaos that allows me to be present again. I set out to create a brand that will allow my fans and all coffee lovers to do the same, a brand that isn't just about great tasting coffee, but about those special moments, too. I'm delighted to finally share Florence by Mills Coffee with you and I hope you love it just as much as I do.”

maybe a coffee starter bundle to get going?

trend setter bundle Coffee Gift Box

trend setter bundle