How To Use Coffee Concentrate

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How To Use Coffee Concentrate

Coffee Concentrate - the new coffee trend

Coffee concentrate makes incredible hot and cold drinks with no fuss and no mess, just easy, quick and delicious coffee every time. Concentrate can be used to make incredible Americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, and latte macchiatos.

Its versatility is making it increasingly popular with people who love great tasting coffee but don’t always have time to make a hot coffee from scratch.

Hot coffee recipes using florence by mills quick serve coffee concentrate


  1. 2 fl oz coffee concentrate
  2. Add 1 cup of hot water

Hot Latte

  1. 2 fl oz concentrate in a cup
  2. 1 cup of steamed milk or dairy alternative of choice, stir.


  1. 2 fl oz of concentrate
  2. 1 cup of steamed milk or dairy alternative of choice. Pour the steamed milk carefully to create  clear layers of steamed milk with foamed milk on top.

Latte Macchiato

  1. 1 cup of steamed milk or dairy alternative of choice
  2. Pour 2 fl oz of concentrate on top.

Macchiato means ‘marked coffee’ in Italian so by adding the coffee concentrate to the milk you are ‘marking’ the coffee.

So what exactly is coffee concentrate?

The easiest way to think about coffee concentrate is to imagine a bottle of cordial, simply replace the cordial with liquid espresso and you have coffee cordial! And just like cordial, you can make it as strong or weak as you like. Coffee concentrate lets you customize your drinks easily to suit your tastes!

You will need to dilute your coffee concentrate in hot milk or hot water to make your hot coffee. So coffee concentrate is really strong coffee, it has the convenience of instant coffee but with coffee shop standard quality.

What is liquid espresso?

Just picture how a barista would create an espresso shot using a coffee machine. The coffee beans are ground, the ground coffee is then dosed into a portafiller, this is then put in the group head to start the brewing process - the bit where the hot water goes into the grounds! Then the milk has to be steamed before it is poured onto the espresso for a hot latte or cappuccino. This is great if you have the time and love the ritual.

To create a consistent espresso takes time and practice, but imagine if you could get this liquid espresso already made, in a carton, ready to use. No fuss, no spent coffee grounds, and no coffee machine to clean up afterwards. Just delicious espresso, perfect every time! That is exactly what coffee concentrate is and it is easy to see why it is already trending!

How do you make coffee concentrate?

The methods used to create coffee concentrate can vary, which is where some of the confusion about what coffee concentrate is, can come from.Florence by mills’ coffee concentrate is a high-quality coffee concentrate made with cold water. This is why the term cold brew is often used and confuses people into believing it is cold coffee in a carton, not a liquid espresso! This is cold-extracted coffee concentrate, not just cold coffee!

The cold brew method involves placing ground coffee into cold water for the entire brew time. The coffee is slowly extracted producing a densely textured coffee that is incredibly intense. This is then mixed with filtered water to create the liquid espresso that can be poured from your carton.

What’s in Florence by Mills’ coffee concentrate?

The florence by mills quick serve coffee concentrate is made from ethically sourced specialty beans that are 100% Arabica. This means the concentrate has a bold, rich and sweet flavor with delicious chocolatey notes. The coffee concentrate is also sugar free and vegan friendly.

How much coffee concentrate should I use?

Because methods vary, the results can too, so make sure you follow any instructions carefully. Some coffee concentrates are highly concentrated so a teaspoon could be equivalent to a single shot of espresso!

Florence by mills’ coffee concentrate carton is 32 fl oz. It contains 16 servings of 2 fl oz, equivalent to a double espresso shot in each serving. It’s time to kiss those coffee shop expenses goodbye! Just shake well before use.

How do you store coffee concentrate?

The florence by mills coffee concentrate lasts an incredible 28 days once opened. You only need to pop it in the fridge once it is opened to ensure its quality remains consistent.

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