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coffee ice pops recipe

Perfect for a lazy summer's day

coffee ice pops recipe

who said that coffee is just for drinking? why not try creating coffee ice pops using your fave FBMC products! the perfect way to stay cool and impress your bffs this summer. ☀️✨

  • 5 Minutes
  • Easy

recipe ingredients

this recipe uses

  • ice pop molds
  • jug

what is a coffee ice pop?

a coffee ice pop is made with coffee that is frozen overnight in ice pop molds. if you love iced coffee, summer, and ice pops, these are the perfect treat for you.

so, how else can I use cold coffee?

if you're making an iced coffee this summer, be sure to include some coffee ice cubes?


recipe steps

  1. step 1
    pour 100ml of our quick serve coffee concentrate into a jug, and top with 300ml of milk (or dairy alternative of your choice).
  2. step 2
    add a kiss of caramel syrup (20ml should be enough!) then stir the mixture together.
  3. step 3
    carefully pour the coffee mixture into ice pop molds and gently place into the freezer.
  4. step 4
    wait overnight for your coffee ice pops to freeze, then take out and enjoy!
quick serve coffee concentrate

quick serve coffee concentrate

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