Your Nespresso machine has found its perfect companion in Florence by Mills Coffee.

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Nespresso compatible pods 

My first ever coffee machine was actually given to me as a gift, it was a NespressoⓇ and it started me on my incredible coffee journey. With a magical little pod and my Nespresso machine I could create the perfect espresso shot every time! I had the ideal base to make cappuccinos, americanos, lattes, and so much more. 

So, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that my favourite coffee blend by Florence by Mills Coffee, Authentically Brew, was available in a Nespresso compatible pod.

What is a coffee blend?

A coffee ‘blend’ mixes coffee beans that come from different places, so the beans in your blend could come from Colombia and Brazil. When coffee is ‘single origin’ it means it comes from one place. This could be one country but it could also be one coffee farm or even one coffee coffee cooperative. 

To create the coffee blend the coffee beans are mixed with the help of experts known as roasters to create a blend with a unique taste and flavour profile. 

Authentically Brew has beautiful rich chocolate and hazelnut notes and an amazing creamy texture. It’s not surprising that this silky smooth coffee is Millie’s signature blend.

The beans in Authentically Brew are ethically sourced from central and south America and are Rainforest Alliance Certified. They are 100% Arabica which means they contain no Robusta. There are more than 100 different species of coffee but the two main ones used are Arabica and Robusta. To learn more about where your coffee comes from read my guide to coffee blog. Link to coffee guide 

What’s inside a coffee pod?  

A FBMC Nespresso compatible coffee pod is a recyclable plastic case filled with Authentically Brew ground coffee. The beans are ground to go into the pods because when the hot water passess over the grounds it needs to pick up as much flavour as possible from the beans. 

Do Nespresso pods contain sugar?

FBMC Nespresso compatible pods just contain Authentically Brew ground coffee, nothing else has been added so they do not have sugar or milk in them. The good news is that they are also fat free!

So just pure coffee which means it is the perfect canvas for your coffee creation. I use the espresso shot to make a velvety cappuccino or even an iced latte.

Iced latte recipe using a Nespresso compatible pod 

- Just put a couple of ice cubes in the cup before creating your espresso shot using your coffee pod; it immediately cools it ready to make an iced latte. 

- That’s what the term ‘brew espresso over ice means’ it’s just about making your espresso cold as quickly as possible!

- Add cold milk and more ice to taste! Why not add a flavoured syrup to turn your iced latte into a vanilla or caramel iced latte. 

How to use Nespresso Compatible coffee pods - link to a YouTube video of the FBMC pods being used 

When you put your pod into your Nespresso machine the foil lid gets pierced and hot water is forced through the ground coffee in the pod and then into the cup making a delicious espresso. 

Are Nespresso coffee pods recyclable? 

The box your Florence coffee pods come in are recyclable and yes, the pod cases are recyclable. Please remove the foil lid first before placing it into your recycling. 

You can also use Nespresso’s coffee pod recycling service For more information go to link here that opens a new page please

How long do coffee pods last? Do they Expire?  

Ever wondered about the lifespan of your coffee pods? Coffee pods do have an expiration date, but the way the coffee is sealed in the pod in a controlled environment means that they will maintain the freshness for an incredible 12 to 18 months on your shelf! Think of it as a "best before" date, so I would always try to enjoy them within the 12 months to get the best flavour from the pod. 

Are Nespresso compatible pods compatible with other coffee machines?

No, please only use Nespresso compatible pods in Nespresso machines. The FBMC Nespresso pods are compatible with Nespresso machines that use Nespresso Original Nespresso pods.

Remember to add Florence by Mills Coffee Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pod to your subscription to make sure you ever run out of your favourite espresso shot!

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