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coffee concentrate

If you’re a busy bee, go-getter or just love a quick and easy coffee, we’ve got the product for you. Our concentrate never fails to make a flawless coffee and you can make it in minutes! This is perfect for when you need that extra 10-minute snooze or a little more time to wing that eyeliner. Don’t forget you can also add a dash of your fave Florence syrup to add that extra hint of sweetness!

  • 1

    pour the concentrate

    For our ideal coffee we recommend you add 25ml - 50ml of concentrate to your fave tumbler or mug. Feel free to adds as little or as much as you like to give you that extra glow <3

  • 2

    add ice & milk

    For an icy cup of caffeine, add ice, then milk (or alternative) or water, to dependant on if you want a cold-brew or an iced latte.

  • 3

    add syrup

    Now you can add a brew-tiful florence syrup to sweeten it up!

  • 4

    if you like it hot

    To make a steaming cup of brew (possibly for that well-deserved cosy day), add boiled water or steamed milk and stir, don’t forget your fave syrup too!

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