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A coffee community filled with snaps, tips & tricks from all our coffee club fam. Explore the Florence fam’s top-picks below, from the coffee of the day-yay, to the traditional sweet sips spotted on our socials.


english toffee latte

Are you obsessed with your insta worthy pics? To give you some inspo we have chosen to share one of Millies fave recipes, the English Toffee Latte. This coffee is a perfect traditional brew and is 100% Millie approved! Our English Toffee Latte is our go-to coffee for those cosy days in. Whether you want to make a quick coffee before a snug film night or as a wake me up for those wintry mornings, this is the coffee for you. Our Toffee Latte has the perfect blend of sweet vanilla notes with an extra caramel taste. These flavours will have you dreaming about a caffeine heaven, making it the best coffee for those duvet days.


Make it like mills is just one of the ways we are bringing our coffee community together, this is a place for you to try all of Millie’s secret recipes and share your coffee creations with the rest of the community. It is a place for you to be inspired and motivate others! Whether it’s a facetime with your bff for a coffee catch up, or a coffee date to gossip about the latest trends, we encourage you to make and share your creations with each other!

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