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brew bags

Did you know you can brew coffee just as easily as tea? Our Brew bags will have you dreaming of a caffeine heaven with our brew-tiful flavours. Our bittersweet, chocolatey coffee has a perfect balance of hazelnut and treacle flavours to sip on during those mindful moments. Or if you’re wanting to feel authentically brew then what about a hint of soft spices and citrus along with the delicious taste of roasted nuts?

  • 1

    boil the water

    Turn on your kettle and bring to boil.

  • 2

    pop in the brew bag

    Add your brew bag to your fave florence mug.

  • 3

    pour & stir

    Once boiled, allow to cool for a minute… pour the water into your mug, and stir away!

  • 4

    remove bag & serve

    After a few minutes, remove the brew bag and your coffee is ready to glow… oops, we mean go!

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