Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers, Christmas 2023

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Explore our Christmas coffee collection where you’ll find the best gifts for the coffee lover in your life.

Why is Coffee The Best Christmas Gift? 

We may be biased, but receiving a premium coffee gift set would make our Christmas morning that little bit more magical. Although it may not be the first gift that comes to mind, there are many reasons as to why freshly brewed coffee makes for the perfect stocking filler this holiday season. 

  • It's truly the gift that keeps on giving. For some coffee can be seen as an everyday ritual, the convenient and versatile products that we offer at Florence by Mills Coffee can satisfy those caffeine cravings in an instant.
  • It delivers a well-needed energy boost. We get it, sometimes it's difficult to get through the day without that coffee break, but one of the best benefits of this break is the increased alertness to help stay productive and focused throughout the day.
  • It can provide a social connection. Inviting someone over for a coffee date, or making coffee at home and taking it on the go to see friends or loved ones can help build and nurture relationships.

We’re so excited to celebrate our first Christmas as a brand! We invite you to join us, and explore the best gift ideas for coffee lovers below…

Our Latest Release:

Hot Chocolate Gift Set:

For us, Christmas isn’t complete without a perfectly crafted hot chocolate. Luckily we launched this indulgent gift set just in time for the holiday season!

This gift set includes:

  • 2X Hot chocolate bags
  • Millie’s festive syrups set
  • Florence glass tumbler

Made with shavings of British milk chocolate, this luxury gift set was made for those who love to romanticize their winter evenings. After much online anticipation, this set is a holiday exclusive, meaning that these products cannot be purchased individually. Hurry, so you can treat them to a simple two-step recipe for the dreamiest hot chocolate, made specifically for a memorable Christmas.

Mocha Gift Set:

An exclusive gift for the chocolate and coffee lover, our delicious hot chocolate and coffee concentrate is the easiest way to curate the perfect mocha.

This gift set includes:

  • Hot chocolate
  • Quick-serve coffee concentrate
  • Millie’s festive syrups set
  • Florence glass tumbler

The most delicious entryway into coffee. Perhaps you’re buying for someone who loves the idea of coffee but can’t get past the complex taste, or maybe they just really love chocolate and want to satisfy their cravings guilt-free. (I mean who doesn’t?). Introduce them to the popular pairing of chocolate and concentrate, a light and silky mocha that is delightfully indulgent.

Quick and Easy Ways For Them to Make Coffee:  

Quick-serve Coffee Concentrate:

Price: £16.00

Our best-selling product introduces them to the easiest coffee they’ll ever make. Our coffee concentrate was a trending product for a reason, with 20-40 servings per bottle (depending on how strong they take their brew), this incredibly versatile concentrated espresso will change their coffee routine forever!

Whether they prefer it black or with milk, steaming hot or over ice, they can easily customize their drink by adjusting the concentrate to their liking. The best part? It's ready in seconds!

Check out Millie making her morning coffee with our concentrate here.

Coffee Brew Bags:

Price: £9.50

Do they cherish the brewing routine of tea but need that extra caffeine kick? We’ve got them covered. Our Coffee Brew Bags makes for the best coffee gift under £10! Also bursting with smooth cocoa, nutty notes, and a creamy texture, these flavours are all packed into this simple little bag that just needs hot water. 

For The Classic Coffee Lovers:

Our two signature blends were made for coffee lovers who find calm in performing the ritual of coffee-making.

Authentically Brew: Ground or Whole Bean Coffee:

Price £8.00

With a taste profile of cocoa, roasted nuts, as well as a citrus-like acidity

Mindful Moments: Ground or Whole Bean Coffee:

Price £8.50

With a taste profile of bittersweet chocolate, treacle and hazelnut.

Let's take it back to the classics. We can all agree that one of the best parts of whole bean and ground coffee is the aspect of taking a moment to allow ourselves to reconnect with the present moment. This is the ideal Christmas gift for those who would prefer to stick to the traditional way of brewing, after all it is an experience in itself. Whether that's with an espresso machine, a French press, or pour-over! 

Do They Prefer Coffee on the Sweeter Side?:

For those who like to customise their brew and experiment with new flavours, our syrup lineup offers a personal touch. 

Barista Syrups Collection:

Price: £5.50

  • Vanilla
  • Caramel
  • Hazelnut

Millies favourites Syrup Collection:

Price: £7.00

  • English Toffee
  • Crème Brulée
  • Honeycomb

Stray away from selection boxes and gift a different type of sweetness this Christmas with our collection of syrups. Each flavour offers a unique brewing experience, and can allow them to become their own barista for a fraction of the cost. If they love Millie Bobby Brown then the contents of our ‘Millies favourites syrup collection’ were hand chosen specifically by her, so they can make their morning brew just like Mills does! Whereas our ‘Barista Syrups Collection’ offers classic flavour combinations to help elevate their brew.

Coffee Starter Kits, Self-Care Antidotes, and Something for the Trend Setters…

Our selection of coffee bundles were crafted for every type of coffee lover, products that are paired so perfectly together, it just wouldn’t be fair to separate them. If you want to really treat them this Christmas, then explore our range of endless coffee combinations! We like to cater our bundles to the person, rather that whats in the contents of the bundles themselves, which one sounds most like the coffee lover in your life?

Coffee Starter Kit:

The ideal coffee starter kit for those starting their brewing journey…

Busy bee bundle:

Price: £55.00

  • X2 Quick Serve Coffee Concentrate
  • Millies Favourites Syrup
  • Florence Glass Tumbler

Something for the Trend Setters:

For those who lead the way…

Trend Setter Bundle:

Price: £48.00

  • Quick Quick Serve Coffee Concentrate
  • Millies Favourites Syrups
  • Coffee Brew Bags
  • Florence Glass Tumbler

A Self-Care Antidote:

For those who prioritise self care… 

Self Care Bundle:

Price: £38.00

  • X3 Coffee Brew Bags
  • Barista Syrups
  • Millies Favourites Syrups

Complete Their Coffee Collection:

Florence Branded Tumbler:

Price: £18.00

Here’s the one that you’ve been waiting for! Our Florence Branded Tumbler is our only exclusive merchandise item that you can purchase from our coffee collection. Its glass straw and bamboo lid makes for a more premium look and feel, serving as the perfect option for them to enjoy their Florence by Mills Coffee. It's the type of Christmas gift that they’ll be able to enjoy all year round, especially if they love to share their coffee moments on social media, allowing them to showcase their expertly curated at-home brews when they take those pics for the gram. 

Want the Best Gift for Coffee Lovers? Consider a Subscription…

Florence by Mills Coffee Custom Subscription:

Price: Your way

Want to really give them the Christmas gift that keeps on giving? (we mean this literally). Adapt to their coffee loving lifestyle with a Florence by Mills Coffee subscription, where they;ll become part of a VIP community, and receive delightful perks!

This includes:

  • 10% off all products
  • A free glass tumbler after three subscription orders
  • The 13th month free when they reach the 12 month milestone
  • Exclusive content from Millie Bobby Brown!

Satisfy their coffee cravings for more than just Christmas. With this subscription, they’ll receive regular coffee deliveries that they can pause, cancel, or amend at any time! (There's no pressure here). Give them the freedom to select between 2 to 6 delicious products to subscribe to, with the flexibility to switch it up for every delivery, catering to their mood, preferences, or even the latest TikTok trends of the week. Allowing them to receive heavenly coffee at their door every month sounds like the best Christmas gift you could ever give them.

For the Coffee Lover Who Deserves it All:

Coffee Gift Cards:

Gift cards start from: £10.00

If you can’t decide what to get for the person who deserves it all then why not leave the decision up to them with our FBMC gift card. This way you can also choose from four different spending options, allowing you to pick what suits their taste preferences, and your Christmas budget preference!

What is Florence by Mills Coffee?

Florence by Mills Coffee is a brand that focuses on innovative ways to enjoy coffee from the comfort of home at an affordable price. It was passionately curated by British actress and beloved star of ‘Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown.

As coffee consumption has spiked in recent years, we knew we wanted to change the game by introducing coffee products that are simple to navigate yet delicious to drink. Therefore, we firmly believe that indulging in a blissful brew shouldn't require an array of complex equipment. That’s why our products are thoughtfully designed for effortless use, catering to coffee lovers at every stage of their journey. Our commitment to innovation keeps us at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring a continuous exploration of exciting new coffee blends and flavours to keep ahead of the curve.

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